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Pastor Ray Houston

Pastor Ray Houston is known for his “Real Talk.” As “The Advocate” he is compassionate and fervent about his message of healing and deliverance. Having experiences the devastation of drug and alcohol addiction he is determined to reach men and women with a message that there is “Life After Drugs.”

Pastor Ray grew up between the Baptist and C.M.E. Churches in Milwaukee, WI due to both his grandfather’s being prominent pastors in different denominations. By the age of eight he was a member of St. Matthews C.M.E. Church where the late Presiding Elder B.S. Gregg was the pastor. Later he became a member of Bethel C.M.E. Church under emeritus Presiding Elder Grover Mitchell. Pastor Ray was nurtured by the late Pastor Leo Champion, Reverend Donald Pagel, Pastor James C. Carpenter Sr., Bishop Spencer Jones and Bishop Thomas Barclay. Pastor Ray was first licensed in October 1990 and ordained in April 1997.

He is a testimony of God’s divine grace, mercy, and favor. He is proof that God is yet alive and able to heal, restore, and rectify. After 27 years of hardcore drug addiction, being homeless and helpless, after losing a million dollar business that he had built from the ground because of his addiction, Pastor Ray in his walk with God is now determined to help others overcome the strongholds of substance abuse and the devastation of a dysfunctional life style.

To Christ

Over 25 years ago Pastor Ray founded himself facing a horrific addiction and a baby daughter that he was determined not to lose to the State, hurting and broken he came to Christ just as he was and found love and deliverance in the arms of Jesus. The journey of him and his baby daughter, Cheriamor is chronicled in his book, “There is Life After Drugs-How Bad Do You Want It.” He was the junkie that raised a daughter and today that daughter is a college graduate, administrative assistant and minister that has never experienced the evilness and devastation of addiction or the sting of that life style.

Now Pastor Ray serves as Pastor and Director of True Believers Outlook Ministry. He is a Pastor, C.E.O., Author,  Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker. He is a member of Toastmasters International, currently serving as Vice President of Public Relations of the Four Seasons Branch. Pastor Ray serves as a volunteer Minister at McLean County Jail as well as Lincoln Correctional Center. His history also includes being a graduate of The Assemblies of God School of Ministry and servicing as an assistant pastor in Chicago, IL. He is married to Pastor Colleen Bennett-Houston, the director of G.R.O.U.P. (God Reaching Out Using People). Together they co-pastor and are co-directors of the outreach ministry homes.

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