Motivational Speaking through the Power of Determination.

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Corporate Employee and Leadership Motivation through the Power of Determination.

Engaging audiences as a thought-provoking speaker with a humorous side, Ray uses his personal story of triumph, from corporate success to downfall, telling how, through determination, his devastation became his motivation. Inspiring corporate leaders and employees to succeed through the power of determination.

Ray Houston

Pastor, Motivational Speaker

Ray Houston has been called the “Escapee from Hell” and is the author of There Is Life After Drugs. How Bad Do You Want It?

After starting a painting business, Ray walked to his first job with $2.00 in his pocket, carrying his ladder on his back. Within a few years, he was a successful business owner and generated his first million dollars. From there, the unexpected — a loss of self-control, a spiraling drug addition, he became the single parent of a one-year old daughter and later, homeless. Ray’s strength, knowledge, and joy were birthed in turmoil. After a commitment to faith and determination, Ray regained power. He became an Independent Government Contractor, and as unexpected, a once-drug addict found himself painting federal buildings like Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), FBI, and even the office of then Senator Barack Obama. Through the overcoming hard obstacles, Ray was able to put his daughter through college and see her become a successful, healthy adult, who is now completing a masters degree program.

Having to speak life into most seemingly dead situations, he is a symbol of inspiration and determination.

Ray’s mission as a speaker is to inspire audiences to create amazing results in their business and personal lives by harnessing the power of their determination. Your audience will be captivated by Ray’s custom-tailored programs that are inspiring, interactive, and entertaining. The strategies your audience will discover will catapult their personal and professional lives to the next level.

Informative and Enlightening.

"Ray spoke to Lisbon's Head Start where the parents and staff found him to be both informative and enlightening. I would recommend Ray as a speaker/presenter."

Georgia Dennis, Education Coordinator and Peter J Nelsen, Social Worker - Northcott Head Start, Milwaukee, Wi.

Making Moral Decisions.

"Ray addressed members of our class on Making Moral Decisions. People in the class were very interested in his presentation and showed that interest by the quality and length of the question time afterwards. I invite you to hear him."

GH. Myron Talcott, Instructor - Milwaukee Theological Institute

Organized, Timely, and Passionate

" Ray is very organized, timely, and passionate about whatever he sets out to do. He connected so well with the Club that when his sessions were over the boys requested that he be rescheduled."

Jennifer Hall, Director of Operations - Boys and Girls Club, Bloomington, Il.

Popular Motivational Speaking Programs include:

Moving at the Speed of Business

In this program, your audience will discover:

  • Why your biggest turnaround may be your understanding of yourself
  • Why your turnaround may not be right around the corner
  • 3 keys for creating a die-hard determined attitude

Your Belief Bucket
In this program, your audience will discover:

  • The Illusion of Thinking vs. Doing
  • The Determination Delusion
  • 5 keys for getting off the island of isolation

Breaking the Chain: Navigating the Opioid Crisis
In this program, your audience will discover:

  • 3 reasons why most addicts don’t succeed
  • The power and necessity of surrounding yourself with reality
  • Living life instead of walking in fear


  • Award from the Midwest Men’s Conference Board for Outstanding Service In The Church and Community