As a Not for Profit Christian Ministry we strive to meet people at the point of their needs. When people have need of Life Coaching we understand that life coaching means that we help coach people through their difficult situations. True Believers Outlook Ministry does life coaching in areas such as drug addiction, alcohol addiction, opiates addiction, sexual addiction, infidelity, abuse, spousal abuse, and child abuse. We understand that in life there are many types of abuse because of the many different types addicts. Addicts Hurt people, especially the people that love them most. We’re a family ministry that strives to help the individual and the family.

Life Coaching Ministry Services

Christian Life Coaching is a somewhat stressful ordeal if it’s not a true desire and also a calling of God on ones life. If you’re being hurt because your love one is addicted to whatever type of drug or alcohol and now you suffer abuse we’re available with over 25 years of Life Coaching experience with addiction, spousal abuse, child abuse, and infidelity. We don’t just do counseling but rather Christian counseling by the Word of God along with the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Circular counseling is based on circular books in circular classes. Most definitely if you’re the addict in the situation allow us to bless you by the power of God. The most important part of the process is that the individual that’s suffering be healed which is what heals the family. If you’re the individual that’s suffering and you don’t have a family we befriend and befamily any ones that’s willing to love us back. That’s who we are, a Christian Ministry that does Life Coaching with the broken-hearted whether they are the drug addicted or the family member being abused, by The Word of God for the glory of God.

Fees: No contract.

Calls and emails are paid per week and limited at 60 minutes per call and one question per email.

Until Covid – 19 is under control are services are limited to phone, text, email, Zoom, and Virtual/Online.


adult ministry

Drug Addiction

Parenting Under The Influence (talking right walking left)

Pressure of Life’s Responsibilities

Decision Making

Self Identity


teenager ministry

Drug Addiction

My Parents Talk Right But Walk Left

Dysfunctional Life Style

Peer Pressure

Overcoming Poverty Issues

Learning Disability


family ministry

Understanding the Difference Between Helping vs Enabling

Understanding Addiction

Understandings How Their Drug Works

Understandings What Works For One Doesn’t Work For All


couple ministry

Drug Addiction and It’s Hindrance In The Relationship

The Spirit of Me


Understanding You

Understanding Your Mate


group ministry

Addiction’s Peer Pressure on Group’s

Being a Individual First

Benefits of our Ministry Services

  • Understanding the Root causes of your issues
  • Understanding your response to the good and bad in Your Life
  • Determining your determination level
  • Finding your commitment level to change.


We Do Not Charge For Prayer.

One call and One email


4 Week Package

One call and one email per week.


6 Week Package

One call and one email per week.


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